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Hey there! read on for a little insight about me and what you can expect from Foodie Gal Fresh

Who’s Teri…

I’m a country girl at heart, living in southern California with my hubby and two very spoiled horses! A zest for travel, a health enthusiast, an animal lover, and a very excitable foodie! I was a respiratory therapist for 22 years and retired 12 years ago. I still wanted to make an income while doing something I enjoyed. I studied digital and social media marketing for about 4 years. It turned out I loved it and found it was so valuable and important that I taught emerging entrepreneurs for about 2 years. Soon after, I applied that knowledge and my love of cooking and baking to create Foodie Gal Fresh.


My mom was undoubtedly my biggest inspiration surrounding food. From planning a menu and sourcing the ingredients to sitting down and eating, food was love for her, and it always brought everyone together, whether it was the family or a gathering.

Dinners and desserts were her favorite, and if there was any excuse to entertain or have a dinner party, she was on it, making it look effortless. I’ve followed in her footsteps and have adhered to the three most important tips she taught me.

(1) Cooking shouldn’t be a chore; enjoy it. (2) Be inventive, and always document what you change or tweak. (3) Prep and plan!

My father was a hunter, and both my parents were avid gardeners. So we had an abundance of fresh ingredients. One of the perks of living in California is growing veggies, herbs, and fruit all year.

What you will find here at Foodie Gal Fresh

There is a little something for everyone here! (As of writing this, Foodie Gal Fresh is just beginning), so keep coming back. I will be adding new recipes weekly. My cooking and baking are extensive, from easy to elegant and everything in between, purely because I love all food, entertaining, quick and simple, and love eating healthy as much as not healthy.

So if you’re in the right place, if we think alike!

Menu planning, dinner parties, cooking for two, or just looking for inspiration for what to cook that week? I’ll have it covered for you. From appetizers to cocktails, healthy treats to wedding cakes! Seasonal and holiday cooking is a pretty big deal here at FGF, where you’ll find the classics, old-school, and healthy versions as well.

I typically choose fresh or from scratch when possible. However, I will always include other choices and options in my recipes.

Quick and easy is essential these days, so I always include tips and hacks for the busy or novice cook to get those meals and treats on the table faster.


My Philosophy On Food.

I tend to live by the 80/20 rule…work hard, play hard. That approach has spilled into the way I cook and eat. 80% of what I eat and cook is clean, organic, and minimally processed, while 20% I enjoy to the fullest, never depriving myself. That being said, I have lived my entire life with inflammatory conditions, so while I don’t label myself in any dietary category, I do limit myself to inflammatory foods. I have tried many “diets” and feel we all need to find what works best for our bodies. Food is fuel, and we are what we eat...I know, super cliche! 

So many factors can play into how people eat, such as time, health, flexibility, and budget. Today, many more options allow us to explore and research what best fits our health goals and lifestyle without being strict or limited. Then, of course, there are those of us who need to follow the advice of a medical professional. 

That’s A Wrap

Thank you for stopping by! I’m just getting warmed up, and have lots in store for FGF, so pop back in to see what’s new. I’ll add how-to videos, a newsletter, so you’ll never miss a recipe and much more.

So here’s to all things food! I hope to inspire you in the kitchen. Food is love, so share it with family and friends.

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